Mawddach Residency Day 11: drawing, writing, and a return to London

View from the Studio, Mawddach Residency

This will be the last post about the residency itself; tomorrow I will post a loosely annotated bibliography. On Friday, I will begin a series of weekly posts on sustainable printmaking, of which I now have several drafted.

The waters of the Mawddach estuary are shallow, the tides dramatic, drawing in and pulling away each day across vast expanses of sand, marking the passage of time. Time is both slow and quick here, water lapping on the shore a steady shhh-, shhh-, shhh-, wildflowers blooming with each passing day, set against a landscape of mountains that mark change in centuries and millennia.

That is how time has acted on my body and mind here, a contrast of fast and slow. Intense, brief, moments of running, drawing, reading, writing, set against a life’s commitment to printmaking as a vehicle for sustainable making and social justice.

I return to London on Friday, but my mind has already started to drift south and east, ready to carry on.

Thank you to Jake Spicer and Scarlett Rebecca from Mawddach Residency for having me, and for pairing me with Marigold Plunkett. I hate saying good bye, so I won’t.

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