Mawddach Residency Day 9: Life as a Model?

Me, modelling for Draw Brighton, from North Wales.

A lot of people have asked why I go on residencies, especially when I have access to terrific facilities and a studio where I live.

It is, for me, a chance to focus on a particular aspect of practice, but in a new environment, surrounded by new people and opportunities. Asking a question, in an unfamiliar setting, throws up different perspectives. The ephemera or clutter surrounding that question fades away with time, focus and distance, and answers rise gently to the surface.

Without the regular clutter of London life, the days also seem to have more hours, which is useful when you’re trying to work, read, or write meaningfully.

Drawing by Dominic Butler, Draw Brighton participant

That being said, last night I put away the books and spent an hour in the hot seat as a model for the Draw Brighton online programme. You read it correctly: model. Queue surprise face! Hosted by Jake Spicer, this online session was attended by more than 50 participants, and I was touched and impressed by the drawings they produced and subsequently shared.

A big ‘thank you’ to Marigold Plunkett, here on residency with me, who convinced me to say yes to the session, and has also encouraged me slowly back into the practice of drawing.

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