‘Pigeons’ series

This body of work follows a colony of pigeons aboard the Royal Iris, a Mersey ferry now abandoned and moored by my studio in Woolwich. Pigeons are much maligned, despite being genetically identical to doves. This series prints draw parallels between ourselves and this community of migrants.  These interlopers are studied in etchings and stone lithographs, techniques usually reserved for doves, swans and peacocks, examining our biases of these animals whose lives are so similar to our own.

All plates are made and printed without traditional solvents, grounds or vapour-producing acids. Steel and zinc plates are etched in a saline sulphate solution, copper plates are processed in Edinburgh etch.   Acrylic grounds, safer degreasers, and solvent alternatives are used wherever possible, reducing risk to myself and others. For more information, you can email me info@inkedtwice.com. A selection of prints are available to purchase in my online shop.