Mawddach Residency Day 3: Mental Mountains

I don’t ‘do’ life drawing. Haven’t in nearly 20 years. The thought of it brings up flashbacks of anxiety, tension, art-school trauma. And yet, somehow, being here, in this landscape, this happened.

From last night’s Draw Brighton session.

Jake Spicer, one half of the Mawddach Residency team, led an online life drawing class last night as part of the Draw Brighton programme. Part impulse, part social pressure, I put pencil to paper… and enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

Just before the session I even warned Marigold, who is here on residency as well, that I might not share what I make. And yet, here I am, sharing with you all, because when you climb a mental mountain, you must shout from the top.

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