sketches and compositions

These multi-plate monotypes are how I think, draw, and test. I keep a library of small plates, made using less toxic, more sustainable methods and substrates, and use them again and again. They are printed on good printmaking papers, mostly Somerset, Hahnemühle and Fabriano, with torn and deckled edges.

For now, these prints are Pay What You Want, which is a risky social experiment. Purchase a print on your own terms. Any contribution you make will support my research and practice, and be gratefully received. They are not part of an edition, and are not available at exhibitions or galleries. If any are sold, they will be moved to the bottom of the page. New prints are added often.

1. Decide on which print you would like to purchase, click on it to note the title, ie “Composition 202012_01”
2. Click on the “Donate” button.
3. Choose the amount you would like to donate, and enter the title of the print in the “Notes” section.

All prints are signed on the back. They are packed in sturdy, recyclable card and archival tissue.

Please bear in mind the cost of postage and packing when you decide on the amount you would like to donate. For example, if you donate £10, this will just about cover the materials, packing and registered postage in the UK, but not labour, studio, or equipment costs.



Thank you! These prints have sold and are no longer available.