For what feels like the millionth time, I am rebooting this blog and having another go at putting down on paper, the actions that I am taking in the studio. More specifically, I am going to try to write about sustainable practice in printmaking, theoretically and pragmatically. I’m be sharing successes and failures, case studies, sources and resources, and maybe even some art.

A Printer’s Sustainability Stool

I am not a carpenter, ie an expert. When I make work, sat upon this stool, it will not be perfect, at least from the outset. I will wobble. There might be splinters, rough edges, poor design, the need for external supports, glue – as many metaphors for failure as you like. There may even be shoddy shortcuts taken in the name of deadlines and pressures. I am prone to falling down.

Why is sustainability important to me, personally? Simple – I want to print the whole of a long and happy life, and I want others around me to be able to do the same.

So that’s it. I’ll start posting, and we’ll see what happens. Suggestions for topics, questions, materials and methods to explore, are always always welcome.