Grand Plan Fund application

I am applying to the Grand Fund to support a new body of work using large, steel etching plates, made using lower-toxicity, more sustainable methods and materials.

Plant debris collected from my daily commute along the river Thames to my studio, are etched deeply into mild steel, inked in bright colours, and layered on top of one another. Slightly apocalyptic, sometimes lyrical, occasional discordant, this body of work creates imagined landscapes of an uncertain future.

Work in progress

The steel plates are made without traditional, harmful solvents or acids, and then printed in layers on the press.

Right: a four-plate etching, composed directly on the press, using two steel plates, one enviromount drypoint plate and a monotype plate

Below: hand wiping the deeply etched surface of a steel plate. The plate has been with acrylic grounds, etched in saline sulphate solution, and processed without traditional harmful solvents or acids.

A sample of work in progress: